Sony vegas pro 11 video preview lag free download. Why does my Preview Window Lag in Sony Vegas Pro & Movie Studio?

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I have a x display with a hz monitor. This will default all settings and clean the temporary files cache. Sometimes I have seen updates to the Nvidia Driver cause problems.

In this case I manually rolled back to an older build version. Your SSD is only quite small, so it may be getting full. If it is full, there want be enough room for temp files to be stored. In that case, you should try creating video proxies. System: Intel Core ik 4. I’m currently running into an extremely annoying problem where whenever I press the play button to begin playback of my loaded media, Vegas takes sec before beginning playback. It doesn’t help that in some places, the preview window only diplays one fram for about 20 sec of playback.

I don’t understand if this is a bug or I have some setting wrong. This is very annoying because it happens no matter where on my media I press play.

If Vegas Pro 13 use to work perfectly OK with the same type of video and exact same settings, I would recommend you perform a full program reset. This will delete all the files from the Temporary Files Cache and reset all Settings to the same they were when you first installed the program. It is safe to do and will not delete any of your saved projects.

You will have to go back in and change some of the settings like GPU acceleration afterwards. Although I have made a terrible error and understand why Vegas is running so terribly. It turns out it was compressed video so I apologize if I have wasted your time. I shoot 4k footage with my yuneec typhoon H drone 4K 30fps.

There are no problems to watch these footage on my pc so far, however when i make a compilation with these movies then comes the stuttering. When i render and save the 4k footage i use these settings: I use match the project settings. But when i play it most of the time it stutters in some parts. It is verry annoying, Can you tell me howe to fix this problem? I put down a youtube link here so you can see my problem :ohmy: Start watching from till sec.

You will see it i hope in the ocean. Please copy and paste this question into the MSZ Forum, where there is more room for replies and screen shots. It would also be good to see details about your source video. Then take screen shot and upload to forum as well. Once we have all this information, then it will be easier to comment.

This is a really helpful tutorial, thanks. However, one has to wonder why Vegas doesn’t just «play the video clips» like any normal media player would. Why does it need to «decompress» them and do complex computation, just for preview?

It would really help if preview worked the same way as normal playback when no effects are applied Similarly, video fades should not be computationally complex – not considering what Windows itself does with translucent windows in real time – on a PC with no dedicated graphics card Just sayin’! When editing a video, each frame must be independent of the Frames on either side – this is what happens when it is decompressed in real time.

When you watch a rendered video in a Media Player, information from previous frames is used to create the current frame. Just know that what is happening is very deliberate and ALL editing programs work the same.

Both Windows newly installed. Just video file without effects at all. The architecture of Nvidia graphics cards has changed over the years.

All older versions of Vegas, fully support Nvidia graphics cards up to and including the GTX series – anyone with one of these older cards will get good performance. GTX and newer cards started to use a different architecture, which was not fully supported by Vegas, so for some media types you may see slower performance.

As always, meaningful topic and solutions. I think members and viewers will appreciate the follow-up link tutorials you provide as well.

Best Regards When your Preview Window starts to lag, it is because you are expecting your computer to magically do in real time, what actually takes at least two to three times that amount of time to do!! What can you do to at least take the load off a little and get the Preview Playback to be more smooth. The Preview Window does not affect your final rendered video. It is just a temporary setting for while you edit. This feature renders out easier to play video versions of all your video clips, which will make them much, much easier to edit with.

I actually have an older tutorial that explains how to do this here:. If you install an old version of GoPro Studio, it will allow Vegas to render videos using Cineform codec. Cineform codec is one of the best formats to edit video with, because it is a relatively uncompressed format. Read this tutorial here. You can selectively pre-render parts of your timeline into small video chunks. This makes it much easier to scrub through your timeline.

If you want to know more about all of these options, join me now in Sony Vegas and I will quickly show you exactly what I have been talking about. Buy the latest version of Vegas Pro here! Sign-up for my weekly emails! I try to keep them short, 3 min reads max.

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